Boston: The End

Isabella Stewart Gardner museum



Further Boston adventures

Here I am trying to pose like a revolutionary war hero.


Paul Revere’s old house is looking rather worn down, but they’re restoring it.


Also tried some great Italian pizza in North whatever of Boston, and some cannoli. Cannoli will probably take time to get used to.


Here are some pics from my current trip to Boston. I am here to visit my brother, but mainly I’ve been wandering around since he has work.

This is the entryway to the library. Imagine having a library like this. To be honest, the library does better at being a museum than a library. They have an archaic system for organizing books, not the Dewey Decimal system.


This is a famous old church


A piano from the 1790s. One of the first pianos built.

IMG_4026 IMG_4027

A fanĀ  from the Philippines, 1700s. It’s hard to see, but the fan is decorated entirely with feathers. The faces of the people, the horses, everything. I can’t imagine doing that out of feathers, it is so ornate.


A clock made from gold. These were from the Boston Fine Arts Museum.